Flight 93 Memorial Competition

The memorial is made of three components; the Ambassador Center, the "Journey" and Unity Plaza. The Ambassador Center welcomes visitors to the site and starts them on the Journey. The Journey, a walking timeline of Flight 93, is an experiential path that leads to Unity Plaza. Visitors are to experience and learn about the people and the events of Flight 93, as well as the events that occurred around the United States during September 11, 2001. Most important to the journey is to understand that everyday people took control of their fate, acted together against terrorism and became heroes. The early part of the Journey is a tranquil path that introduces the visitor to and reflects upon the lives of the passengers and crew. The path abruptly changes to coincide with the terrorists' takeover of the plane. The experience becomes dark and chaotic as the path sinks deeper into the ground. Shards of light and disruptive changes in the path and environment accentuate the events of the latter stages of the journey. As the visitor approaches Unity Plaza, at the end of the Journey and at the edge of Sacred Ground, they are on axis with the flight path and released into the Forest of Pillars. The 40 pillars that stand in opposition to the terrorists' destructive path are crowned with weather vanes that turn in unison. Unity Plaza - To honor, express and reflect.